Amanda Rose

From the mistress of sizzling sensuality (Romantic Times) comes a riveting romance about a swashbuckling hero and the high-spirited lady who wins his heart.

In 1840 England, Lady Amanda Rose Culver saves handsome, falsely convicted murderer Matt Grayson's life when he is wounded as he barely escapes the gallows. Finding the American semi-conscious on the shore near the convent where she has been imprisoned by her older brother, the Duke of Brookshire, Amanda gets Matt to safety and hides him from the searchers combing the countryside for him.

The beautiful, headstrong eighteen-year-old is desperate to escape an arranged marriage; the badly wounded convict is just desperate to escape. As Amanda nurses him back to health, and the clock ticks down as they wait for a ship to take Matt back to America before the authorities can find him, they discover an intense physical attraction stranger than anything innocent Amanda has ever imagined existed. Even jaded Matt finds himself falling head over heels in lust — and love.

But then something happens that threatens to destroy both their lives...

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Amanda Rose